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SVG vector image support for Xamarin Android, iOS, Forms, Windows Phone 8 and MvvmCross
Use one SVG vector image instead of multiple bitmaps to display most icons in your Xamarin app. Supports Xamarin Android (axml tag and code), iOS (classic and unified, code only), Forms (XAML tag and code), Windows Phone 8 (XAML tag and code), and Mvvmcross binding. Purchase it instantly online with... More information
Syncfusion CheckBox, Radio Button and Segmented Control for Xamarin.iOS
The package comprises the following Syncfusion controls for Xamarin.iOS. List of controls: Check box, radio button, and segmented control. Note: This package needs to be installed in all Xamarin.iOS project only. Check Box: Syncfusion Check Box is a selection control that allows users to select... More information
Syncfusion Busy Indicator for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Busy Indicator for Xamarin.iOS control provides over 10 built-in animations that can be displayed within the application. It is used to indicate busy status during app loading, data processing, and more. Key features: • Option available to enable/disable animation. • Display... More information
Syncfusion Autocomplete control for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Auto Complete for Xamarin.iOS provides a simple way to complete the text based on the characters entered previously. It also provides an option to choose a suggestion from the drop down or append a suggestion to the text directly. Key features: • Auto complete modes: Three different... More information
Syncfusion Barcode for Xamarin.iOS
Syncfusion Barcode for Xamarin.iOS is a control that renders barcode without requiring fonts. It supports major 1D and 2D barcodes including Code 128 and QR Code. Supported barcode types: • QR code • Data Matrix • Code 39 • Code 39 Extended • Code 128 • Code 11 • Codabar • Code 93 • Code 93... More information
Syncfusion Carousel for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Carousel control for Xamarin.iOS provides an intuitive interface to navigate through a collection of views with scaling and rotation transformations. Linear interface allows navigation through a collection of views without scaling and rotation transformations. Key features: • Offset:... More information
Syncfusion Calendar for Xamarin.iOS
Syncfusion Calendar for Xamarin.iOS is a user interface component that displays the Gregorian calendar. This component allows the user to select a date, and also provides a gesture-friendly UI to perform operations like navigation, events, and more. Key features: • Restrict navigation beyond the... More information
Syncfusion ComboBox for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Combo Box for Xamarin.iOS is used to select an item by typing a value or selecting a value from the list. Key features: • Editable mode: Editable and non-editable text box to choose an item from the given data source. • Filtering mode: Supports both filtering and non-filtering... More information
Syncfusion DataForm for Xamarin.iOS
Syncfusion DataForm for Xamarin.iOS helps edit the fields of any data object and simplify the development of various forms: login, reservation, and data entry. Key features: • Supports built-in and custom editors. • Grouping data fields for better categorization. • Built-in support to validate data... More information
Syncfusion Diagram for Xamarin.iOS
Syncfusion diagram control for Xamarin.iOS is used to create different types of diagrams such as flowcharts, use case diagrams, workflow process diagrams, organizational chart, mind map, and so on. Key features: • Node, connector, and port: Basic elements used to draw diagrams. • Data binding:... More information
Syncfusion Kanban Board for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion kanban component for Xamarin.iOSprovides an efficient interface to track and visualize different stages in a task or workflow. Key features: • Visualize the workflow of any process. • Limit work in progress. • Manage workflow transitions. • High level of customization. • Provide... More information
Syncfusion Masked Entry Control for Xamarin.iOS
Syncfusion MaskedEdit for Xamarin.iOS restricts input of certain types of characters, text, and numbers using mask characters or regex. This control is used to create a template for providing information such as telephone numbers, IP addresses, product IDs, and so on. Key features: • Input can be... More information
Syncfusion Navigation Drawer for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Navigation Drawer for Xamarin.iOS is a simple component to create navigation pane in applications. It has a content area and a sliding pane that slides out from the edge of the page. The pane can be opened by swiping the edges of the screen or programmatically. Key features: • Pane... More information
Syncfusion Maps for Xamarin.iOS
Syncfusion Maps for Xamarin.iOS is a data visualization component that provides a graphical representation of geographical data. It has highly interactive and customizable features such as zooming, panning, selecting, legends, markers, bubbles, and color mapping. Key features: • Shape... More information
Syncfusion NumericTextBox for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Numeric Text Box for Xamarin.iOS restricts input of numeric values. It also provides support for culture-based formatting. Key features: • FormatString: Input string can be formatted by using format strings. • Culture: Number format can be localized to any specific culture. •... More information
Syncfusion Numeric UpDown for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Numeric Up-Down control for Xamarin.iOS provides up and down repeat buttons to increment and decrement values. This control respects UI culture and can be configured to display different formats like currency format, scientific format, and more. Key features: • FormatString: Input... More information
Syncfusion Pdf Viewer for Xamarin.iOS
Syncfusion PDF viewer control for Xamarin.iOS platform allows you to view and review PDF documents within your Xamarin applications. Key features: • High performance. • Select and copy features for text. • Search and highlight features for text. • PDF documents reviewable using shapes, highlight,... More information
Syncfusion Advanced Custom Picker Control Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion Picker for Xamarin.iOS allows users to pick an item from a list of items that can be customized using a template or custom view. This control can also be used as a dialog Key features: • Show picker in dialog • Selection • Header customization • Footer customization • Item... More information
Syncfusion Progress Bar for Xamarin.iOS
The Syncfusion progress bar component for Xamarin.iOS provides a customizable visual that indicates the progress of a task. Key features: • Visualize progress in different shapes, such as rectangle and circle. • Customize ranges with different colors in the linear progress bar. • Customize the... More information
Syncfusion Pull to Refresh for Xamarin.iOS
Syncfusion PullToRefresh for Xamarin.iOS es-- is an interactive panel that refreshes the view loaded in it upon pull-to-refresh action. Key features:  • Transition types: Choose between slide on top and push built-in animation transitions for the pull-able content and the refresh indicator when... More information