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Use this for Microsoft Azure Service Bus Queues, Topics, Relay and Notification Hubs backend operations. It adds Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll along with related configuration files to your project. This library allows AMQP 1.0 to be used as one of the protocols for communication with Microsoft Azure... More information
This package contains the binaries of the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL). ADAL provides a Portable Class Library with easy to use authentication functionality for your .NET client on various platforms including Windows desktop, Windows Store, Windows Phone, Xamarin iOS and Xamarin... More information
SQLitePCL.raw is a Portable Class Library (PCL) for low-level (raw) access to SQLite. This package does not provide an API which is friendly to app developers. Rather, it provides an API which handles platform and configuration issues, upon which a friendlier API can be built. (Note that with the... More information
Includes several essentials services for development with Xamarin.Forms - Camera - Photo Gallery Access - Device Information - Network Detection and Monitoring - Geolocation - Settings - Phone Initiation - SMS Initiation - Text-to-Speech - File System Management
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  • last updated 2/9/2015
  • Latest version: 4.5.700
  • CSLA Android
Supports the creation of Xamarin Android applications. CSLA .NET is an application development framework that reduces the cost of building and maintaining applications. The framework enables developers to build an object-oriented business layer for their application that encapsulates all business,... More information
A server-side library for sending Push Notifications to iOS (iPhone/iPad APNS & PassKit), Mac OSX (Mountain Lion+), Android (GCM/C2DM), Chrome (GCM), Windows Phone 7/8, Windows 8, Blackberry, Amazon Device Messaging, and Firefox OS
Run Proguard in Xamarin.Android build process to strip out the unused Java code.