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Use this for Microsoft Azure Service Bus Queues, Topics, Relay and Notification Hubs backend operations. It adds Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll along with related configuration files to your project. This library allows AMQP 1.0 to be used as one of the protocols for communication with Microsoft Azure... More information
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C# port of Google's common Java, C++ and Javascript library for parsing, formatting, storing and validating international phone numbers. For usage samples: http://code.google.com/p/libphonenumber/
This package contains the binaries of the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL). ADAL provides a Portable Class Library with easy to use authentication functionality for your .NET client on various platforms including Windows desktop, Windows Store, Windows Phone, Xamarin iOS and Xamarin... More information
This package contains calendar cotrol to be used with Windows Phone 7 applications. Please see project URL for details and sample usage.
Catel.MVVM library which contains the MVVM framework available in Catel. This MVVM framework solves actual real-life development problems when using MVVM for professional applications written in any XAML language such as WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and WinRT.
A server-side library for sending Push Notifications to iOS (iPhone/iPad APNS & PassKit), Mac OSX (Mountain Lion+), Android (GCM/C2DM), Chrome (GCM), Windows Phone 7/8, Windows 8, Blackberry, Amazon Device Messaging, and Firefox OS