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Image Processor is an easy to use and extend processing library written in C#. Its fluent API makes common imaging tasks very simple to perform. Methods include; Resize, Rotate, Rounded Corners, Flip, Crop, Watermark, Filter, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Quality, Format, Vignette, Gaussian... More information
ImageProcessor.Web adds a configurable HttpModule to your website which allows on-the-fly processing of image files. The module also comes with a file and browser based cache that can handle millions of images, increasing your processing output and saving precious server memory. Methods include:... More information
Xamarin library to load images quickly and easily on iOS and Android
The library works starting from Android 4 and iOS 7. We developed this library while working on an app that displays tons of pictures, very quickly, and that are mostly not reused. It also supports WebP format on Android and iOS.
Library that abstracts the rendering of graphics (base library). See the README at the GitHub repository.
Bell Open Imaging Package
Open Imaging Package is a free, advanced and easy to use image processing libary for c# and vb.net windows forms applications. Its features: Efficient Image Printing to a A4 Page format Image selection tool Precise Image cropping Image resizing to predefined sizes Image downloading Image... More information
Epicycle.Graphics (.NET)
Epicycle .NET graphics library. Includes: Platform-independent image library and color infrastructure. * Details & release notes: https://github.com/open-epicycle/Epicycle.Graphics-cs/blob/ver- * Sources: https://github.com/open-epicycle/Epicycle.Graphics-cs/tree/ver- * Git... More information
This package contains a class library that can be used to scan barcodes such as ISBN numbers from bitmaps. Visit the project url (http://m1chal1s.com/downloads/m1-barcodes/) for an example on how to use this package, or to download the complete source code!
rlcx Power Tools
Véritable couteau suisse du .net, rlcx Power tools contient une énorme quantité d'outils plus utiles les uns que les autres.
Web Image Cropping
Asp.net Web Crop Image Control allows developers to build image cropping functionality easily on their projects. You can seamlessly crop images and yet provide your visitors the most user friendly web interface by simply doing drag and drop in your projects.