Contains abstract types of audio objects and units converters. See the README at GitHub repository.
Library that abstracts the rendering of graphics (base library). See the README at the GitHub repository.
Detect the musical key chord of your audio songs, this package provides a simple function that takes a file name and returns the detected key chord.
Generate fingerprints of audio files for use with the EchoNest identification service. Documentation and source code : https://github.com/aybe/ENMFPdotNet.
This project aims to provide a way to implement the Model View ViewModel (MVVM) architectural pattern using Plain Old CLR Objects (POCOs) while taking full advantage of .NET 4.0 DynamicObject Class. Features a 'JObject' to 'dynamic' converter.
Detect the musical key chord of your audio songs with this fantastic library ! High accuracy on par with the top commercial libraries in the industry. See LibKeyFinderDotNet.BASS for a simpler package to use. Author: Ibrahim Sha'ath (https://github.com/ibsh) Packager: Aybe... More information