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  • lime
C# Lime protocol stack implementation.
TakeIo.NetworkAddress is a small library to handle IP/Mask operations (network mask tasks), like matching same network address between two IPs and a network mask. It also handles parsing of IP/Mask input strings like "" or "", and handle IP range addresses like... More information
Application Insights Telemetry SDK gives you insights into the KPIs of your on-premises and Windows Azure applications. With the SDK, you insert code into your server application that logs events and transactions. Application Insights service collects the data, analyzes it and presents the results... More information
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  • lime
Common content types and resource for LIME messaging applications.
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Encapsulamento de métodos da plataforma Telco.
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TakeIo.Client connects to take.io platform and enables you to access the RESTful API in a very simple manner. Refer to the online documentation for more info.
TakeIo.Essentials is a RESTful framework for ASP.NET MVC 3. TakeIo.Essentials supports Sinatra-like (from Ruby) routes, implements OPTIONS and HEAD methods in a reasonable way, adds syntax-sugar methods for returning OpenSocial (JSON/XML) single items and collections, decouples routing from... More information
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Cliente para acessar as operações disponibilizadas pelo serviço WCF