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Library helper (mvvm navigation, lifecycle, converters, extensions) for Windows Universal Apps (Win8.1 + WP8.1).
Task hierarchy and resource scheduling components for Windows® Store apps and WinRT, targeting Windows® 8/8.1 and Windows® RT: Gantt Chart, Schedule Chart. Main features: Interactive task hierarchy management and resource scheduling charts; Task bars and dependency lines supporting drag and drop... More information
Navegar vous permet, de gérer une navigation inspirée des applications Windows 8, pour WPF mais également de gérer la navigation des applications Windows 8-8.1 (Modern UI/WinRT), Windows Phone 8.1 et les Universal Apps en utilisant l'approche ViewModel First et non l'approche View First ,intégrée... More information
Syncfusion Calculate for UWP is a .NET library that allows parsing and computing expressions or formulas with over 400 predefined functions. Key features: • Extensive calculation support can be added to the user’s own business objects. • Comes with a function library of more than 400 entries. •... More information