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  • Xaml
Proof-of-concept fully extensible cross-platform Xaml Serializer, that is based off of Xamarin.Forms.Xaml and is intended to replace System.Xaml for the new .NET Core 5.
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  • Latest version: 0.4.0
  • WPF XAML UI Icon Metro
"loose" file XAML Resource for Metro UI's. All icons taken from "Modern UI Icons" created by Austin Andrews (Templarian) http://modernuiicons.com https://github.com/Templarian/WindowsIcons
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  • XAML Animation
Animation Manager is designed to animate xaml controls in a very very easy way. These animations work the same way on both Windows 8 as well as Windows Phone 8.
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  • Latest version: 0.3.0
XamlTune has two main goals: 1 - A svg to xaml conversion library. 2 - A xaml formatter that cleans and refines xaml
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  • Latest version: 0.9.0
  • xaml image
ImageGenerator creates PNG images from XAML templates. Use it to put text onto buttons or any other purpose where you need to generate images based on runtime data.
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  • mvc xaml
A custom View Engine for ASP.NET MVC (2.0, 3.0 or newer) that allows Controller Action Methods to return dynamically generated images based on XAML markup. This requires .NET 4.0 or later.
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  • Latest version: 1.0.1
  • Xaml Uid
Validate all your Xaml Uid declarations have a resource. Hooks into the VisualStudio build process and gives build errors if any resource is missing.
Fayde by: Fayde
Fayde is a cross platform, cross browser XAML engine.
QuickConverter provides you with WPF markup that allows you to write inline converters and multi-bindings using a C# like language directly in your xaml.
This user control does NOT actually do anything more than display data - the user control is the View (UI) in a MVVM implementation, the ViewModel would be responsible for the actual behaviour & contents of the console\terminal window. The user control is designed to use XAML binding for all UI... More information
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  • wpf xaml svg
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based file format for describing an image. SharpVectors provides a library for parsing, converting and viewing SVG files in WPF applications.