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  • MVC4 Unity
Unity.Mvc4 is a library that allows simple Integration of Microsoft's Unity IoC container with ASP.NET MVC 4. Identical to Unity.MVC3 except it references MVC4
MVC 4 Paging with bootstrap or without bootstrap design also has different options like ItemTexts, TooltipTitles, Size, Alignment, IsShowControls, ItemIcon, metro css supported. Demo http://mvcpaging.apphb.com/ Now mvc paging areas supported.
CaptchaMvc will implement your web MVC applications easier and more reliable protection. Features: You can easily change or extend the current implementation of the captcha. By default there are two types of captcha, plain and mathematical. Supports MVC 3, MVC 4, MVC 5. Supports for storing captcha... More information
A simple ASP.NET MVC3/4/5 helper for Gravatar providing extension methods to HtmlHelper and UrlHelper. Example usage: @Html.GravatarImage("MyEmailAddress@example.com", 80, new { Title = "My Gravatar", Alt = "Gravatar" })
Speed up your work by using these HTML helpers to integrate jQuery UI into your ASP.NET MVC 4 application. Requires the .NET Framework 4 and ASP.NET MVC4.
An easy-to-use management system for the ASP.NET Membership system built for ASP.NET MVC 4 applications. This application comes complete with an Area, Controllers, Views and everything you need to start managing your ASP.NET MVC 4 application immediately.
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  • mvc4 installer
ASP.NET MVC 4 Installer - install your database schema and the ASP.NET Membership system on your server via a browser. This version handles the new System.Web.Providers Membership namespace and uses these providers for VS 2012 projects.
HTML5 Audio & Video The HTML5 draft specification introduced the video element for the purpose of playing videos or movies, audio element which specifies a standard way to embed an audio file on a web page, many modern websites show videos. HTML5 provides a standard for showing them. Demo... More information
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  • Latest version: 2.0.1
ASP.NET MVC Application Framework contains helper classes, extensions, and scripts that assist with building web applications.