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jTable is a jQuery plugin that is used to create AJAX based CRUD tables without coding HTML or Javascript. It supports paging, sorting, master/child tables, selecting rows, resizing columns, show/hide columns and so on. Also creates create/edit forms and dialogs automatically from your model.
Simple Get, GetList, Insert, Update, and Delete extensions for Dapper. Uses smart defaults for attribute free classes but can be overridden as needed. By default uses Id column as the primary key but this can be overridden with an attribute By default queries the table matching the class name... More information
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The Yuuko library provides easy access to datasource from fronted by mapping logistic attributes. To put it in a ASP.Net MVC application or Web Forms. The library will decrease backstage coding workload. You can just build fronted and models to reach some basic web logics without backstage... More information
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A basic wrapper for ADO.NET that uses DbProvider Factories, and a basic OR/M. For a quickstart visit http://www.pengdows.com/?p=12
Icrud by: bison
An Abstract Repository Implmentation for Entity Framework, with Entity2DTO / DTO2Entity conversion. Sources included.
Provides a basic Crud repository for use with Linq to Sql data classes.
The fastest micro-orm type extension for Dapper. For Dapper constructs in general, it is recommended to use Visual Studio 2015 for features such as nameof and string interpolation, but that's not a requirement. The package contains .NET 4.5 and 4.6 DLLs, one of which will be installed based on the... More information