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GroupDocs.Search for .NET is a easy to use document search library which performs search operations over various file formats - DOC, XLS, PPT, ODP and many others. The search API allows to create search index with flexible settings with different requirements: quick and lightweight document search... More information
Ansl by: d4nt
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  • Latest version: 0.0.1
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A simple text search library for .NET
A UITypeEditor for editing generic dictionaries (Dictionary<TKey, TValue>) in the PropertyGrid.
Examine is a wrapper for getting a Lucene index up and running for any type of data and comes with an API to search it. You can either use the Fluent API that the library comes with or use raw Lucene query syntax. The indexing is configurable and will allow both synchronous and asynchronous indexing... More information
Sample for using package Etimo.Common.Collections. Read more about the main collection type, MultiplyIndexedKeyedCollection, and how it compares to standard .NET types at http://etimo.se/blog/multiply-indexed-keyed-collection-net/
Purse is a really fast in-proc, in-memory cache for your objects. It has 99% of features you would want from a cache and more, like a really nice read-through interface
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This library allows you to easily add searching to your apps.
DAWG is a data structure for effectively storing and searching large word lists. DawgSharp is an open-source C# implementation featuring a linear time graph reduction algoritm and persistence support.