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Supports checking that Moq setups are executed in sequence.
This extension automatically sets up mocks retrieved from AutoFixture's AutoMoq, so that their methods/properties' return values will also be retrieved from the container. This way, you can focus on setting up the relevant bits, and let AutoFixture handle dependency resolution entirely. See the... More information
A library of extensions for the Moq framework (currently only .ReturnsInOrder) created from Phil Haack's blog post http://haacked.com/archive/2010/11/24/moq-sequences-revisited.aspx/
This extension provides a AutoMoqBoostData attribute that, when applied to NUnit's tests, lets you parameterize your unit tests while leveraging AutoFixture, AutoMoq and the Boost extension. See the project's page for examples: https://github.com/dcastro/AutoMoq.Boost
Remove the ceremony from your test classes. Easily mock your dependencies using the testable pattern. AutoWrockTestable is an adaptation of Richard Cirerol's AutoMocking wrapper that uses StructureMap's AutoMocking assembly along with the popular MOQ mocking toolset to make it easy to test classes... More information