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Ansl by: d4nt
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  • Search
A simple text search library for .NET
Examine is a wrapper for getting a Lucene index up and running for any type of data and comes with an API to search it. You can either use the Fluent API that the library comes with or use raw Lucene query syntax. The indexing is configurable and will allow both synchronous and asynchronous indexing... More information
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  • Search Truffler
.NET client API for the Truffler REST API. Truffler is a hosted search engine that allows developers to index and search for .NET objects.
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  • last updated 4/30/2015
  • Latest version: 1.0.0-unstable0035
  • orc search
This library allows you to easily add searching to your apps.
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  • javascript search
A pure javascript "widget" that lets end users create their own search queries.
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  • Google search
This package allows you to integrate Google Custom Search Engine results through a macropartial view. The GSE Key must be a property in the Umbraco page where the partial will be used. Alias name should be: googleSearchKey.
There are minor differences between the Java and .net versions. These are done to make it more .net friendly. 1. All the namespaces are converted from usual org.apache.lucene.* to FlexLucene.*. 2. All method names are converted to use .net style naming convention that is AddDocument rather than... More information
Package contains Lucene-based search provider for Kaliko CMS - an open-source content management system. Learn how to configure and use: http://kaliko.com/cms/get-started/search-engines/