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BundleTransformer.Less contains translator-adapter `LessTranslator` (supports LESS (http://lesscss.org) version 2.5.0). This adapter makes translation of LESS-code to CSS-code. Also contains debugging HTTP-handler `LessAssetHandler`, which is responsible for text output of translated... More information
Runtime library for projects compiled with Saltarelle.Compiler. This is a slightly modified version of the Script# runtime library by Nikhil Kothari (https://github.com/nikhilk/scriptsharp).
CoffeeScript compiler for Windows. With a HttpHandler, command-line tool and a .NET library. For ASP.NET projects: After installing this package, all .coffee files will be compiled on the fly by the HttpHandler and returned as JavaScript. Note: For production usage, it is recommened to compile all... More information
This package contains the required metadata to develop web applications with the Saltarelle C# to JavaScript compiler. It is a slightly modified version of the web library from the Script# project by Nikhil Kothari (https://github.com/nikhilk/scriptsharp).